Street Tree Action Day!

On Saturday, May 16th, students, families and staff celebrated the street tree stewardship of our students and began a Bronx-wide street tree action project. BxC families will be adopting a street tree on their block, caring for it during the hot months between May and October. They will water their tree, keep it clean and aerate the soil, so the roots get lots of air and water. If all of our students adopt a tree on their home block, BxC families will help care for 100 trees across the Bronx. That makes a big impact!
At Street Tree Action Day, students taught their families how to use different tools to take care of street trees, together families made a sign for their adopted tree, and they also signed up to become authors on our school-wide street tree care blog. Ian Jack, a forester with the Parks Department, led street tree tours on our block to talk with families about some of the hazards that street trees face. Students and families also planted flowers that were bought with money raised during a bake sale at family conferences.
On their way out, families received a tree care bucket filled with tree care tools, gloves, information about tree care and lots of other goodies. Families will take their tree care kits and all of their knowledge back to their neighborhoods where they will help keep the Bronx green!

Street Tree Action Day was developed through a grant from Partnerships for Parks.