In order to provide the students of Bronx Community with the educational resources and faculty they deserve, we are working to supplement the state funding we receive with foundation grants and donations. Our goal is to raise $300,000 before the end of our first school year in June 2009. We are well on our way!

If you are interested in helping us provide an excellent education to students in the Bronx, we will welcome you into the Bronx Community family of supporters. Please make your check out to Mosholu Preservation Corporation, the local non-profit that is serving as our fiscal sponsor, and write Bronx Community or BxC in the memo line. Checks should be mailed to Bronx Community Charter School, c/o MPC, 3400 Reservoir Oval East, Bronx, NY 10467.

We appreciate the generosity and commitment of all our donors!

Individual Contributions to date: $85,000
  • In May one of our BxC founding board members committed to making a dollar-for-dollar match of individual contributions up to $100,000.
  • In November, the BxC founding team and board began a challenge campaign to raise $100,000 in individual contributions.
Grant Money to date: $40,000
  • BxC received a $35,000 planning grant and a $5,000 development grant from The New York City Center for Charter School Excellence.

A Brief History of BxC

Fall 2005--BxC founding team begins meeting to imagine a new public school alternative for the North central Bronx.

Spring 2006--BxC receives a technical assistance grant from The New York City Center for Charter School Excellence. Through the technical assistance grant, the team begins attending workshops about charter school planning and management. The team visits several charter schools in NYC and meets with a variety of charter school leaders to learn more about the charter process and gain a better understanding of what goes into running a charter school.

Summer 2006--Team members begin to put together a formal vision of BxC, including plans for curriculum and infrastructure. Recruitment for the founding board begins.

Fall 2006--Founding team members begin a series of planning meetings with colleagues, community members and educational experts. These meetings help to revise the vision for BxC and point out areas that need further research.

Winter 2006--The team invites seven outstanding individuals to join the founding board of Bronx Community Charter School.

January 2007--BxC receives a $10,000 donation from David Ciao, winner of the e-speed charity poker tournament.

February 2007--Team members hold two family forums attended by members of 40 area families. The participants share their ideas about what matters most in the education of their children. These conversations inform the further development of the vision for BxC.

March 2007--The New York City Center for Charter School Excellence grants BxC a $40,000 planning grant. The team submits their concept paper to the NYC Department of Education. The 20 page concept paper will determine whether the team is invited to submit a full application to the DOE in September.

April 2007--Team members begin to tour possible facilities in the Bedford Park/Norwood neighborhoods of the Bronx.

May 2007--A BxC founding board member generously commits to match dollar-for-dollar all individual contributions up to $100,000.

June 2007--The NYCDOE invites BxC to submit a full charter application in September.

Summer 2007--The team works to complete the BxC charter application.

September 2007--The BxC charter application, all 750, pages is turned into the NYCDOE. Founding team members and founding board members complete a panel interview with the DOE Office of New Schools.

October 2007--The NYCDOE recommends BxC to the New York State Education Department for approval by the Board of Regents.

November/December 2007--The team completes responses to clarification requests from the State Education Department. The Board of Regents of SUNY will vote on the BxC charter application in January 2008.

January 2008--The New York State Board of Regents votes to authorize Bronx Community Charter School.