Family Math Night

BxC staff led a series of family workshops this spring. Family Math Night brought families together to play math games, discuss the underlying math content, and gain an understanding of what an effective tool games are for practicing and reinforcing math skills. Students taught their family members the rules to a variety of games involving addition and subtraction, estimation, and measurement, and used the materials effectively to demonstrate and play with their families. BxC staff members circulated to confer with families and encourage the rich math discussions that arose. Each family left armed with a kit of math materials, a packet of games and directions, and an eagerness to continue the game-playing and skill-building at home.

Additionally, BxC teachers organized the Pajama Read-o-Rama, in which students came dressed in their pajamas and brought their families to read and play word games together, with explanation and facilitation from staff. A workshop on behavior management and the role of play led families to share their own successes and struggles, gather new ideas, and use a cardboard box filled with everyday materials to work together as a family to create something wonderful.

Families and staff members were very excited about all of this work together, and are already brimming with ideas for new workshops next year.